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Josesph “JB” Bensmihen elected president of the Florida State Guardianship Association

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Josesph “JB” Bensmihen

Josesph “JB” Bensmihen

Joseph “JB” Bensmihen has become president of the Florida State Guardianship Association.

The FSGA is approximately 500 members strong and includes guardians, attorneys, care providers, fiduciaries, social workers, nurses, court and clerk staff, and many other disciplines. They have a statewide presence through their 16 chapters and its members meet regularly for education, training, networking, and development in their own communities.

“Being a guardian is a responsibility that must be taken seriously,” said Bensmihen, president and CEO of Apollo Mediation Group. “An educated and proficient guardian understands it is a fine line between self-determination and self-neglect. The role of the guardian is to allow the person to navigate their life under guardianship yet only step in to facilitate what is needed, allowing those who can do for themselves to do for themselves.”

Bensmihen has been a Florida Registered guardian with Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs since 1998. He is also certified in elder caring coordination, circuit civil and family mediation by the Supreme Court of Florida.  

The Florida State Guardianship Association is “dedicated to the protection of the dignity and rights of incapacitated persons and to increasing the professionalism of guardianship.” FSGA promotes increasing training and education for all those involved in the guardianship process such as family guardians, clerks and court personnel, and examiners, attorneys, and judges.

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