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Judge McEwen recognized for facilitating pro bono

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Michael Shea, Judge Catherine McEwen, and Kathleen McLeroyU.S. BANKRUPTCY JUDGE CATHERINE McEWEN, co-chair of the Pro Bono Legal Services Committee, was recently presented with a lab coat by the students of Cooley Law School in Tampa for all her work to facilitate pro bono at the school and at St. Michael’s Legal Center for Women and Children. Cooley students who work in the pro bono clinic are given lab coats so that the clients know that they are the clinicians, so the students decided to set a fake hearing on McEwen’s calendar to surprise her with a lab coat of her own. From the left are Michael Shea of St. Michaels, Judge McEwen, and Kathleen McLeroy, the other co-chair of the Pro Bono Legal Services Committee,  who just happened to be in the courtroom that day for a real hearing.

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