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Judge Nazaretian speaks to incoming Tampa Bay law students

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Law school orientation photo13TH CIRCUIT JUDGE NICHOLAS NAZARETIAN welcomed new law students during Western Michigan University Cooley Law School’s Tampa Bay campus Orientation and Professionalism in Acton Program, which took place January 2-3. In addition to speaking with students about integrity, professionalism, and ethics, Nazaretian administered the WMU-Cooley Honor Code Oath. “Your reputation is all you have as a lawyer. Have civility and professionalism in all the work you do, inside and outside of court. Reputation takes years to earn and a moment to burn,” said Nazaretian. “There are great opportunities that are going to be afforded to you, if you take advantage of them. There will be ups and downs, but there will be many ups.” Nazaretian also told students he would be “more than happy” to swear each student into the Bar when they pass the bar exam and offered insights into what it is like to practice law. “You are a lawyer 24 hours a day, so you are never not a lawyer and that carries so much responsibility, but I am sure you have strong enough shoulders to carry it,” said Nazaretian. “Being a lawyer is the best job in the world.”

News in Photos