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Law Day 2023: Cornerstones of Democracy

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Gary Lesser, BOG President

Gary Lesser

The annual national celebration of Law Day, started by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, takes place on May 1, honoring the rule of law and enhancing public understanding of how law contributes to American freedom, liberty, and justice.

This year, the theme is Cornerstones of Democracy: Civics, Civility, and Collaboration.

Through our various programs, The Florida Bar is proud to embody these Law Day values of rebuilding trust in our institutions, respect for one another, and willingness to work cooperatively.

Civics: Rebuilding Trust in Our Institutions

Constituents are often unfamiliar with judicial and merit retention elections and the candidates who run in them, which is why The Florida Bar provides a wealth of information as part of its initiative to educate Florida’s voters about judicial elections. The Vote’s in YOUR COURT webpage is easily accessible and includes a “Guide for Florida Voters,” an easy-to-read, nonpartisan brochure about the courts, the role of judges, and answers to frequently asked questions. Information about each candidate is also available online and refreshed with each election cycle.

Civility: Respect for One Another

The Life’s Legal Moments initiative is dedicated to helping Floridians navigate the of key challenging times in life where the assistance of an attorney could be essential. In anything from renting or buying a home to long-term care plans for a family member, Florida lawyers want to help. The Florida Bar is invested in uplifting our community and helping Floridians get the legal help they need. The website for the initiative provides information on how to hire a lawyer and offers readily available resources for Floridians to reference as they navigate life’s legal moments.

We’ve also homed in on providing legal help to Florida’s thriving small business community and have created resources specifically for small business owners. Starting and maintaining a business can be a daunting process full of legalities and other challenges, but The Florida Bar’s lawyers are committed and equipped to advise business owners and set them up for success.

Collaboration: Willingness to Work Cooperatively

Our newest initiative is our mentoring campaign “Counsel to Counsel,” which is designed to identify newer lawyers with just three years or less experience at small firms and pair them with seasoned lawyers. This mutually beneficial program aims to advance our field in the areas of professionalism, experience, personal growth, and connections across our legal community.

The Florida Bar offers resources on our website for mentor and mentee guidelines and materials. In this first-of-its-kind program, mentors and mentees will be able to sign up through the MentorcliQ app available on the Apple AppStore or Google Play later in May.

The Florida Bar will continue to be a resource for attorneys across Florida and for the Floridians we all serve. We are proud of the programs we have to foster civic engagement, legal assistance, and attorney mentorship and will work to enhance those programs. Happy Law Day to all our Florida Bar members and to the citizens of Florida who we work to help secure access to legal services and  justice!

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