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Leaders urge Bar sections, divisions, and committees to hold all meetings virtually through February

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January Board of Governors meeting to be held remotely

Corona Virus IllustrationFacing the latest deadly surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bar leaders are “strongly urging” section, division, and committee chairs to hold all meetings virtually through the end of February.

Bar leaders made the announcement after the Executive Committee met December 16 and decided that a January 28-29 Board of Governors meeting that was scheduled for Tallahassee would convene virtually instead.

In a December 17 statement, President Dori Foster-Morales noted that new cases and positivity rates and hospitalizations have soared in Florida and are expected to remain high over the next several months.

“I cannot stress enough to our section, division, and committee chairs how important this request to cancel all in-person meetings is when considering the health and safety of our members and our staff as a top priority,” Foster-Morales said. “This is not the time to reduce our vigilance in doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus. I also believe that we can be productive using Zoom and other virtual platforms that guarantee safety first and foremost.”

Foster-Morales also urged Bar members to follow the recommendations of health officials.

“As we await the wider distribution of the vaccine, the Florida Department of Health continues to advise practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing face covers in public, cleaning and disinfection of ‘high touch’ surfaces, and other measures listed here,” Foster-Morales said.

Bar members should monitor the COVID-19 webpage,  where the Pandemic Recovery Task Force is providing extensive medical/health information and other pertinent information for Florida’s legal community, Foster-Morales said.

“The Executive Committee will revisit this recommendation in February and communicate again with you at that time,” Foster-Morales said.


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