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Legal Aid Programs of Broward County raise more than $88,000 at 18th Annual For the Public Good Annual Fundraiser

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Annual For the Public Good Annual Fundraiser LEGAL AID PROGRAMS OF BROWARD COUNTY recently hosted the 18th Annual For the Public Good Annual Fundraiser. More than 360 people attended to honor Howard Finkelstein, Broward County’s public defender, for his life-long commitment to ensuring equal access to justice and his career in public service. The event raised more than $88,000. The live auction was conducted by local Broward County attorneys James Heaton, Steve Jaffe, Marta Estevez, Chad Van Horn, Michael Rajtar, and Jeff Wank. In addition, community affairs officer for Wells Fargo, Pat Morris, presented a check for $25,000 to legal aid to help prevent homelessness among veterans. From the left are Brian Entin, Patrice Paldino, Finkelstein, Tony Karrat, and Wank

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