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February 1, 2020 Letters


Quality CLE

I am an old lawyer. Nevertheless, the CLE requirements apply to me as well.

So I sought out a good CLE on professionalism, and I hit a gold nugget. Free Florida Bar Course 3250 — an incredible CLE by former Florida Bar President Eugene Pettis. It covers the development of a lawyer’s reputation. Mr. Pettis offers an eloquent, smooth, and inspiring outline to achieve professional excellence.

I recommend that managing lawyers require every new hire to watch this great CLE.

I am proud that Eugene Pettis was our Florida Bar president.

Tom Spencer
Coral Gables


Once again, Richard N. Friedman cries out from his Beverly Hills, California, office, decrying the “radical mantra of ‘diversity and inclusion’” of The Florida Bar, this time expressing his concern, nay worry, that the judiciary will be degraded by a profuse infusion of women and minorities.

His fear is that those appointees will be “social justice advocate(s),” and, of course, who would want social justice advocates polluting the bench?

His primary concern appears to be that diversity and inclusion will mean that, with a “female-dominated legal profession,” there will be “fewer male attorneys in the future” who “will be around to support their families.” It will clearly be up to those dominant and dominating females to support their families.

Mr. Friedman makes an excellent point by noting that “in seeking a judicial appointment it helps to know politicians, to work for the government, and make contacts to support an application for the judiciary, or to work in a large law firm with political clout, i.e., money to help in political campaigns.” The hapless female applicant is much less likely to know politicians (most of whom are male), to work for the government in an influential position, to work as a partner in those male-dominated large law firms with political clout, and certainly to be able to raise money to help in political campaigns, much less her own campaign for the bench.

Don’t worry, Mr. Friedman, you are unlikely to be ousted from your office, unless you are unfortunate enough to have to appear before one of those female judges who happens to be a social justice advocate.

Marcia S. Cohen
St. Petersburg

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