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March 1, 2021 On the Move

On the Move

John Lambros has become managing partner at Brinkley Morgan in Ft. Lauderdale.

Cristina J. Bianchi, Nicole C. Coniglio, Lisa M. Elliott, Jennifer Fitch, Maria F. Gibson, Alisha Marano, Christopher A. Sabater, Kevin M. Sellar, Christine G. Soto, and Matthew E. Tiffany were named practice group partners at Kelley Kronenberg.

Tracey K. Jaensch has been elected to the executive committee at FordHarrison.

Kelsey J. Veitengruber has been promoted to shareholder at Farr Law in Punta Gorda.

Brooke M. Gaffney has been elected partner at Smith Bigman Brock in Daytona Beach.

Ben J. Whitman has become a partner at Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Prather & Littky-Rubin in West Palm Beach.

Gabriel Isasi V joined Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath in West Palm Beach.

Marcus J. Susen launched Susen Law Group in Ft. Lauderdale.

Donell Andre Hicks joined Stearns Weaver Miller in Miami as a shareholder.

Kristine T. Desoiza joined Kubicki Draper in Miami.

William Collum, J. Blake Hunter, and S. Cristina Perez have become partners with Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig in Tampa and Nicolas Pazos has been named a senior associate.

Vanessa Singh Johannes joined Carlton Fields in Miami.

Douglas & Carter has changed its name to Douglas & Douglas and Justice Elvish has joined the firm in Lake City and Jacksonville.

Joanna S. Brunell, David J. Butter, and Matthew F. Miliano have joined Boyd & Jenerette.

Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt has opened a new office in Sarasota.

Edward Livingston joined Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt.

Meaghan Maus joined Johnson Jackson in Tampa.

John T. Conner, Jessica C. Conner, and Kristen L. Magana have become partners at Walker, Revels, Greninger & Netcher, while Claire Sundstrom and Tessa Mears joined as associates.

Laura D. Maxwell joined Nason Yeager Gerson Harris & Fumero in Palm Beach Gardens.

Melissa M. Castillo joined FordHarrison in Tampa.

Kelley Kronenberg added Pace Mawhinney in Tallahassee and Kathryn M. Winkler in Ft. Lauderdale as partners. Robert R. Beard III joined the firm in Tampa and Amanda M. Crane in Orlando.

Brock R. Lilley joined Adams and Reese in Jacksonville.

Joanne M. O’Connor was elected an officer at Jones Foster in West Palm Beach.

Elisabeth A. Avilla in Jacksonville, Luke Kiel in Tampa, and William T. Viergever as of counsel in North Palm Beach joined Hall Booth Smith.

Devon Jenkins has joined Wong Fleming in Princeton, NJ.

John K. Olson joined Genovese, Joblove, and Battista as a partner.

John Paul Bratcher was elected partner at Hahn Loeser & Parks in Naples.

Becky Greenfield was promoted to equity partner at Wolfe Pincavage in Miami.

JoLinda Herring was elected CEO and managing shareholder of Bryant Miller Olive.

Hinshaw & Culbertson added David Acosta, Mayda Mallory, Jaclyn Rios and partners Jessica Forbes and Francesco Palanda in Miami. Zachary Landes joined in Ft. Lauderdale.

Adam Fischer joined Tricera Capital in Miami as general counsel.

Timothy W. Volpe was reelected chair of Adams and Reese’s executive committee.

Steven W. Zelkowitz joined Spiritus Law as managing partner in Miami.

Eric L. Nelson was appointed managing partner at Smith Currie.

Torcivia, Donlon, & Goddeau has formed Torcivia, Donlon, Goddeau & Rubin in West Palm Beach and Leonard G. Rubin has become a shareholder.

Kristina Gonzalez has been promoted to partner at Kingcade Garcia McMaken in Miami.

Diana C. Mendez joined Shutts & Bowen in Miami as a partner.

Leanne Roca joined Day Pitney in Miami.

Michael A. Kolcun joined Adams and Reese in Tampa as special counsel.

Kevin P. Blodgett was promoted to shareholder at Smith Hulsey & Busey in Jacksonville.

Savannah Clifton joined GrayRobinson in Orlando.

Kim Koves has been named a shareholder at Guerra King in Tampa.

Florida Collaborative Law Group has opened in Boca Raton.

Lacey and Lyons have been rebranded as Lacey Lyons Rezanka with the addition ofRobyn Hattaway and Kimberly Rezanka in its new Rockledge office.

Amanda Quirke Hand founded AQH Law in Miami.

Kelly A. Johnson has been elevated to counsel at Saxe Doernberger & Vita in Naples.

Kyle Dudek has been elected a stockholder at Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt and Edward Livingston has joined the firm in Ft. Myers.

Dean, Mead, Egerton, Bloodworth, Capouano & Bozarth has joined forces with The Law Offices of John E. Moore III and operates as Dean, Mead, Minton & Moore in Vero Beach.

Mike Ryan joined Freedland Harwin Valori as a partner and the firm will now be known as Freedland Harwin Valori Ryan.

Tara Pollard joined Day Pitney as the director of diversity and inclusion.

Becky Greenfield has been promoted to equity partner at Wolfe Pincavage in Miami.

Donald G. Korman joined MediationWorks as mediator and arbitrator in Delray Beach.

Douglas E. Walker joined Williams Parker in Sarasota.

Lily S. Hutchinson joined Kubicki Draper in West Palm Beach.

Paul William Jezierny and Victoria San Pedro Madani in Miami and Jennifer E. Reisler in West Palm Beach were elevated to partners at Shutts & Bowen.

Jason A. Coe and Christopher K. Smith have been named partners at Lash & Goldberg in Miami.

Marlon A. Hill joined Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman in Miami as of counsel.

Christina Kennedy in Orlando and T.J. Ferrante in Tampa have been elevated to partner at Foley & Lardner.

Kasey Lynne Joyce, Morgan N. Lester, and Allana D.E. Smith joined Ball Janik in Orlando.

Ian E. Waldick joined Oertel, Fernandez, Bryant & Atkinson in Tallahassee.

Jake Walters in Pensacola and Eric Gerbert in Jacksonville joined McConnaughhay, Coonrod, Pope, Weaver & Stern.

Sidney C. Bigham III joined Berger Singerman in Tallahassee as a partner.

Levin, Papantonio, Rafferty, Proctor, Buchanan, O’Brien, Barr, Mougey in Pensacola will now be known as Levin Papantonio Rafferty.

Andrew Ghekas, Nicholas Lafalce, and Townsend Belt have been named partners at Anthony & Partners in Tampa.

Allison “Alli” Cross has joined GrayRobinson in Lakeland as a senior associate.

Christopher M. Nigro and Mark A. Wilson have been named partners with Dickinson & Gibbons in Sarasota.

Nyana Abreu Miller and Daniel Matthias Coyle have been promoted to counsel at Sequor Law in Miami.

Michael A. Kolcun, Jr., joined Adams and Reese in Tampa as special counsel.

Shawn L. Hairston and Alexandra D. Valdez joined Kubicki Draper in Miami.

Steven D. Lehner has been named partner-in-charge at Hinshaw & Culbertson in Tampa.

David E. Little has been named a partner at Brown & Doherty in St. Petersburg, which will now be known as Brown Doherty Little.

Cheryl Wilke joined Lewis Brisbois in Ft. Lauderdale as a partner.

Allison Jade Leonard was named partner at Damian & Valori LLP | Culmo Trial Attorneys in Miami.

James M. (Jamie) Woods joined Lewis, Longman & Walker in West Palm Beach.

Torri D. Macarages joined Brannock Humphries & Berman in Tampa.

Andrea Aguilar and Kirstin Grice in Ft. Lauderdale, Paul Crochet in Naples, and Anthony Shih in West Palm Beach joined Kelley Kronenberg.

Lauren D. Brooks, Rachel Givens, and Margeling Santiago joined Pennington in Tallahassee.

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