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At the age of 72, having lived longer than my father, every day and every hour is precious to me. Thus, having learned that the CLE requirements were “lowered” resulting to my suddenly being in noncompliance, missing a newly required “professionalism” course was distressing.

So, I took two hours out of whatever number I have left and watched it, which was even more distressing. At least someone could have proofread the subtitles before requiring 110,000 lawyers to watch it. Though it flashed by the screen, it appeared to me that two speaker names were misspelled, and the word “CLE” was spelled “Seely” in the subtitles.

Then there was the content. Considering the time spent on introductions, music, and multiple choice questions with obvious answers, only about half the time was real information. And, since I only interact with clients, the parts about dealing with judges and other attorneys politely was a complete waste of my time, besides being what my mother already taught me 60 years ago.

The film of the disbarred attorney throwing papers was entertaining enough. Perhaps a clip of attorneys throwing punches and rolling on the floor fighting could be added to improve the next edition.

Mark Warda
Lake Wales

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