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Measure would provide ‘Hope Cards’ to victims of domestic violence

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Rep. Mike Gottlieb

Rep. Mike Gottlieb

Domestic violence victims would be issued laminated “Hope Cards” under a proposal filed by two South Florida lawmakers.

Rep. Mike Gottlieb, D-Plantation, filed HB 45 on September 15. Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book of Davie filed the companion, SB 84, on October 3.

Under the proposal, petitioners who receive a protective order would be issued a laminated card that they could present to law enforcement.

The cards would identify the respondent, the dates of the protective order, and other information that could help police enforce the order.

Gottlieb, a former prosecutor, told his hometown paper that he filed the legislation after meeting with domestic violence investigators at the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

According to the National Center for State Courts, the first statewide program began in Montana in 2010. The “Purple Feather” program made it easier for tribal police to confirm and enforce protective orders.

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