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S.C. Library is archiving the memories of those involved in Bush v. Gore

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Bush v Gore/the Florida Supreme CourtThe Florida Supreme Court Library and Archives is remembering the momentous events of “Election 2000” by collecting and archiving memories of justices, judges, and court staff who worked for the courts during the historic event 20 years ago.

If you were directly involved or a witnesses when Bush v. Gore was litigated, the library staff  asks you to record your memories of what this event was like from your perspective.

If you were a judge, court employee, or involved in some way with the court system between November 7 and December 12, 2000, the library is asking that you complete the Election 2000 Memory Project form with your written recollection(s) of events, work life and assignments, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, or other memories worth sharing.

“Memories can include anything that stands out to you. What do your remember from that time: increased workload, teamwork and camaraderie, late nights? What memories do you have about how you felt during the chaos of the time. What was the ‘atmosphere’ like around your courthouse? Did you walk around and take pictures? Did you meet a news reporter? Did you see something funny?”

If your memories exceed the space provided on the Election 2000 Memory Project form, create a Word file for your submission and upload the document using the “Upload File” feature on the page.

If you have photos to share, you may upload them on the page or send them directly to archivist Erik Robinson at [email protected]. The memories will be compiled for archival purposes and educational use by the Supreme Court Library and Public Information Office.

For more information, contact Teresa Farley, acting librarian at the Florida Supreme Court Law Library, at [email protected] or 850.488.8919.

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