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Mental health and wellness stand at the heart of the season two finale of ‘Never Contemplated’

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Judge Hetal Desai

Judge Hetal Desai

The “Never Contemplated” podcast recently put the wrap on its second season with an important message for Florida’s legal community regarding mental health and wellness.

The podcast, which is put together by The Florida Bar’s Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism, provides a candid discussion with women judges from across the state featuring a wide variety of topics.

In the finale, Be Authentic to Who You Are and Let Service Guide You, host Judge Hetal Desai sits down with Ninth Circuit Judge Tarlika Nunez-Navarro who discusses her unique perspective on how to mentor others about wellness.

Judge Navarro is known for her wellness check-ins and focuses on mental health. She learned these important tools during her high school days at the world-famous IMG Sports Academy in Bradenton where she was a standout junior tennis player.

Judge Navarro said the academy put a premium on mental health and wellness for its athletes, which she now teaches to judges across the state as well as law students to try and get them to prioritize mental health.

Navarro teaches mental health to first-year law students during their orientation. She says that putting your own health first makes you more effective as an advocate.

“I try to teach daily routines as to what will give them the ability to let their mind take a break,” Judge Navarro said.

Each episode of the podcast series is approved for free CLE credit.

You can find all the “Never Contemplated” episodes wherever you get your podcasts.

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