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Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar comes to the aid of vandalized Guatemalan-Maya Center

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Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar

After the Guatemalan Maya-Center in Lake Worth was vandalized twice earlier this year, the Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association purchased a new security camera system for the facility to assist in providing a safer and more secure environment for staff, volunteers, and the families the center serves. Thanks to a grant from the Palm Beach County Health Department, the Guatemalan-Maya Center was officially incorporated in 1992. With just a staff of five and a van, it began driving mothers with limited access to the health services and prenatal care to their doctor visits – interpreting both language and culture. Years later, the center continues to accompany the immigrant communities of South Florida, and has expanded to serve over 1,000 people each month from more than 28 different countries. The founders of the Guatemalan-Maya Center lobbied and advocated for the migrant community, gaining numerous victories throughout the past three decades, including securing special agricultural work visas for nearly 1 million people, according to its website. 

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