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Presidential Perspectives: Edward R. Blumberg – 1997-98

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Ed BlumbergAs part of a project to document the history of The Florida Bar, the former presidents were asked to comment on the same three questions. In this series, the News will share their answers, some of which were edited or condensed.

Question 1: How would you like to be remembered as a lawyer and a former Bar President?

Blumberg: As a full-time lawyer who was devoted to obtaining justice for his clients in a learned, professional, and ethical way.

As a Florida Bar president totally committed to the good of the practicing lawyer and the administration of justice. As proof, the following projects were begun and completed under my watch: Grievance mediation; Florida Bar Speakers Bureau in partnership with the Florida Department of Education, Florida’s public universities, and Florida’s public community colleges; the creation of the Citizens Advisory Committee (forum); an enhanced lawyer referral program; an enhanced lawyer member benefits program; and an agreement with the Constitution Revision Commission whereby the sections of The Florida Bar provided all of the legal research and constitutional analysis for the CRC. All was accomplished dutifully and without self­-aggrandizement.

Questions 2: How do you think the legal professional has changed over the years?

Blumberg: The legal profession has been diluted by too many law schools accepting too many unqualified students and then doing a poor job of educating them. Too many lawyers do not understand the history and importance of our judicial branch and the role of an attorney as a citizen lawyer. The lack of a solid legal educational foundation has resulted in lawyers being technicians instead of professionals.

Question 3: What suggestions do you have for improving the profession or for young lawyers?

Blumberg: Requiring a mandatory fourth year of a post-law school residency-type program similar to what the medical profession does.

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