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Reynolds wins Florida Bar Journal writing award

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George S. Reynolds IV

George S. Reynolds IV

The Florida Bar Journal & News Editorial Board selected George S. Reynolds IV as the recipient of the 2022 Florida Bar Journal Excellence in Writing Award for his article, “Murky Bottoms: Sovereign Submerged Land, Riparian Rights, and Locating the Highwater Line,” which was originally published in the September/October 2022 issue.

The article discusses legal concepts associated with riparian rights, and how those rights are affected by former sovereign submerged lands and properties submerged through artificial means. The article concerns owners of upland properties bordering navigable waters.

Reynolds is an attorney in Tallahassee whose practice focuses on environmental law and eminent domain. He received is J.D. in 2008 and LL.M. in Environmental Law & Policy, summa cum laude, in 2014 from the Florida State University College of Law.

Each year, members of the Journal Editorial Board nominate outstanding submissions for contention in the writing award. A committee of the board reviews the nominees and chooses a winner based on substance, style, and quality of writing and research.

You can read the winning article on the Journal’s website.

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