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Second DCA to use eDCA filing system

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Second DCA to use eDCA filing system

Effective May 1, attorneys filing at the Second District Court of Appeal must use the eDCA electronic system instead of the statewide court system e-filing portal.

< p>Chief Justice Jorge Labarga on April 17 signed an administrative order allowing the Second DCA, as requested, to switch back to the eDCA system. It was the only one of the five DCAs that was using the portal.

< p>The Second DCA made the request because documents and records filed through the portal did not mesh well with the court’s case management system. Also the court could not batch file its orders, the system could not handle e-service, and parties could not access their case records online through the statewide portal as they can with the eDCA system.

< p>The order allows the option of lawyers continuing to use the portal to pay filing fees.

< p>All five DCAs are expected eventually to switch from the eDCA to the portal for electronic filing – likely sometime next year – when their case management and related systems are upgraded to work with the portal.

< p>For the past several weeks, attorneys have had the option of using either the portal or the eDCA system for filing.

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