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Senate also gears up for the CRC

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Senate also gears up for the CRC

The Florida Senate now has a link on its webpage for citizens to apply to service on the Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

The 37-member commission convenes every 20 years to review Florida’s Constitution and propose potential changes to be approved by Florida voters.

Sen. Joe Negron “Beginning in 2017, Florida will have a historic opportunity to review and revise the most important legal document in our state, the Florida Constitution,” Senate President Andy Gardiner and Sen. Joe Negron, the Republican president-designate, wrote in a letter to all Florida senators. “Several senators have received constituent inquiries regarding the responsibility of the Senate president to appoint nine individuals to this important and historic task. We want to make certain you are aware that the application to serve as a Senate appointee to the Constitution Revision Commission, and all other boards and commissions to which the president of the Senate has appointing authority, is available on the Senate website.”

Of the 37 appointments to the Constitution Revision Commission, the governor will appoint 15, the Florida Senate president will appoint nine, the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives will appoint nine, the chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court will appoint three, and the Florida attorney general will be automatically appointed. Appointments will be made no later than March 6, 2017.

“Since the last Constitution Revision Commission met, Florida has become the third most populous state in our nation,” the letter said. “The individuals who serve on the new commission will be faced with understanding and balancing the complex issues facing our state. Serving on the Constitution Revision Commission requires careful, thoughtful deliberation and an extensive time commitment.”

The application is found at

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