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Silverberg petitions for Bar reinstatement


Pursuant to Rule 3-7.10, Paul K. Silverberg of Ft. Lauderdale has petitioned the Supreme Court for Bar reinstatement.

Silverberg was the subject of two orders of suspension.  By court order dated September 30, 2020, Silverberg was suspended for 91 days for making material misrepresentations to the court regarding his availability for hearings and failing to properly supervise his nonlawyer staff. By court order dated December 14, 2023, Silverberg was again suspended for 91 days. Silverberg was required to hold the sum of $23,000 in escrow due to a dispute between a seller and a purchaser. In April of 2018, the dispute was resolved but for a period of time in 2017, the trust account did not have the full $23,000 deposited therein.  Additionally, Silverberg had some communications with a former client while suspended from the practice of law.

Aany persons having knowledge bearing upon Silverberg’s fitness or qualifications to resume the practice of law should contact Cheryl Soler, Paralegal for The Florida Bar, at [email protected].

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