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Solo and Small Firm Section and LAWCLERK offer new section-member service

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Kristin Tyler

Kristin Tyler

Solo and Small Firm Section members may now earn rebates when they hire freelance attorneys through LAWCLERK — and the section will receive a share of the revenue for each member who signs up and uses an account. LAWCLERK Co-Founder and CMO Kristin Tyler announced the partnership during today’s virtual Solo and Small Firm Conference.

“We’re in the business of helping busy lawyers grow their firms and make more money by outsourcing projects to freelance lawyers,” said Tyler. “In order to have a successful law practice in the 21st century, you must evolve and adapt your business model. We’re pleased to have the chance to offer this exclusive opportunity to members of the Solo and Small Firm Section.”

LAWCLERK connects hiring attorneys with an extensive, nationwide network of more than 3,400 freelance lawyers. LAWCLERK freelancers help attorneys with research, written documents, discovery and other project-based written work. The freelance lawyers include former judicial clerks, stay-at-home parents, military spouses, former big law attorneys, solos, law professors and retired attorneys with decades of experience.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

According to Solo & Small Firm Section Secretary Christopher Johnson, who also chairs the section’s Transition to Solo Committee, the section had been seeking solutions to match the section’s members with other members for referrals, coverage counsel, and project work.

“We explored several platform options including a dedicated website for networking and coverage counsel, but none proved workable or affordable,” said Johnson. “Ultimately, the executive council concluded that utilizing an already-developed platform would be an easier approach.”

Executive council members Liz McCausland and Renee Thompson learned about LAWCLERK during a conference and realized that the platform had “all of the bells and whistles” the section needed.


Renee Thompson

Renee Thompson

“I am thrilled to see our section be the first in the country to design a branded experience for our members on LAWCLERK,” said Thompson, a former chair of The Florida Bar Board of Governors Technology Committee. “In today’s virtual world it is a great member service, and I can really see this growing rapidly. Why wouldn’t you want to refer work to other section members and vice versa? With LAWCLERK you can do that with ease. It’s a win-win for our members and the section.”

Solo & Small Firm Section members who register for a hiring attorney account with LAWCLERK will receive a 10% rebate on the first three projects they post on LAWCLERK using a special rebate code. Section members who register for a hiring attorney account also will be assigned a complimentary “Dedicated LAWCLERK Advisor” to assist with posting projects and getting work completed. In addition, LAWCLERK will offer free ethics CLE credit for section members on the ethics of outsourcing to freelance lawyers. Section members will be able to easily identify other section members on the platform and LAWCLERK will produce a custom daily email digest only for section members to ensure that they are aware of freelance opportunities posted by section members during the day.

The Solo & Small Firm Section will receive a revenue share for each new section member who creates a hiring attorney account with LAWCLERK using the section’s code, if the attorney completes at least one project on LAWCLERK in the calendar year. The section plans to email details of the partnership next week to its members.

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