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St. Johns County Legal Aid honors its volunteers

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Pro bono award photoSt. Johns County Legal Aid presented its 2021 Pro Bono Awards via zoom to the following attorneys and “Most Helpful Clerk” of the year. On the top row from the left are legal aid staff Megan Wall, Savannah Stevens and Elizabeth Teelon. In second row from the top are honorees Vincent Sullivan and Pam Holcomb, staffer Michael Pelkowski, and Judge Kenneth Janesk. In the next row down are Jim Kowalski, director of Jacksonville Legal Aid, Judge Howard McGillin, and honorees Tania Schmidt-Alpers and Carol Daniels. On the bottom are honorees Tom Pycraft, Jay Grife, Christina Collins (winner of the Most Helpful Clerk of Court Award), and Jim Middleton. Others recognized but not pictured are Donato Ronaldi and Eva Paulk.

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