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St. Thomas students mentor Miami high school law magnet program kids

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St. Thomas mentor programTHE ST. THOMAS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW Honorable Peter R. Palermo Mentorship Program recently hosted its annual Spring Mock Trial Competition with Miami Carol City, Sr., High Law Magnet Program. The Palermo Mentorship Program is a community partnership that involves regular visits from St. Thomas Law students to the Law Magnet Program at Miami Carol City. With the guidance of Asiah Wolfolk-Manning, lead teacher for the law magnet program, STU law students guide and assist the high school participants with various trial techniques, teach students basic evidence, and oral advocacy in preparation for the final exam which is the Spring Mock Trial Competition. There were six teams for a total of 39 students playing the roles of state attorney, defense attorney, expert witness, and lay witness. In addition, there were several Florida attorneys, former judges, and Palermo Mentorship alumni who served as judges for the competition, as well as approximately 22 parents present to observe the educational growth and legal training their children received.

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