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State Division of Corporations warns of suspicious annual report solicitations

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State Division of Corporations warns of suspicious annual report solicitations

The Florida Division of Corporations is warning entities that are now filing their annual reports with the state about solicitations they may receive seeking fees for actions that are not required.

The Division of Corporations’ Jacob Horner said two companies — Compliance Services and Corporate Records Services — are mailing notices to Florida businesses requesting that “annual minutes” and a fee of $125 be sent to them for filing.

Horner said neither of those companies are agents or representatives of the Division of Corporations, or any other state or federal agency. He emphasized that “annual minutes” are not required to be filed with any agency, but are to be kept by the businesses themselves.

“Do not confuse these notices with the messages sent by the Division of Corporations reminding each business entity to file its 2013 annual report,” Horner said.

Annual reports are due by May 1.

Florida businesses also should be wary of any solicitation received from an outfit calling itself the Florida Center of Corporations in Davie. Horner said that entity is erroneously claiming to be with the State of Florida and is seeking $45.72 to “complete your articles of incorporation” by having the business fill out a “certification form” as the “last step” in registering the business with the state. Horner said the paperwork the Florida Center of Corporations is offering is not affiliated or required by the Florida Division of Corporations.

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