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Stewart appears on health and wellness podcast

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John StewartBar President John Stewart was the guest on the My Natural Beet podcast #32, put out by Cookie Echsner-Rasmussen, a member of the Bar’s Health and Wellness Committee.

Stewart follows immediate former Presidents Michelle Suskauer and Michael Higer in appearing on My Natural Beet, which explores “the world and your mind, body, and spirit.”

“Everybody wants to do so much these days, it’s hard to slow down. It’s really challenging,” Stewart said on the podcast while admitting he would have trouble turning off his phone for 30 minutes.

He said he’s uses Bar activities as a venue for traveling and getting out in the world — he started on the Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors in 1999, two years after law school, and has been involved in Bar work since.

“I love being outside. . . in the sun or the breeze. Anything that sort of takes you outside,” said Stewart, adding he enjoys water activities, paddle boarding with his daughter, and boating — on friends’ boats.

“For all lawyers, maybe more for people who are in the heart of the careers. . . I think we have to be comfortable embracing change, the practice is changing dramatically,” Stewart said, when asked about his advice for lawyers.

“Those changes are, I believe, in large part good for the profession, in large part good for lawyers, and good for our clients and the consuming public.. . . We have to work harder to embrace the change that is appropriate. . . . Pick one small area of change that will benefit you as a lawyer, your firm, or your clients and work on that. Take it piecemeal, one at a time.”

He also summed up his work philosophy: “We’re going to work hard and have fun in the process.”

The full podcast is available here:

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