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Suskauer bestows President’s Awards of Merit

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At the Bar Annual Convention’s General Assembly, outgoing Bar President Michelle Suskauer presented the following President’s Awards of Merit:

Wayne LaRue Smith and Michelle SuskauerBoard of Governors member Wayne LaRue Smith of Key West: “This award recognizes Wayne’s dedication and service to The Florida Bar and Florida Lawyers Assistance and his devotion to the legal profession and the clients we serve. Wayne served as Disciplinary Procedures Committee chair and was elected to the Executive Committee. He is simply an amazing person who has impacted the lives of so many including being a foster parent to 33 children. Wayne shared his personal story, which was both inspiring and empowering, with our board as well as on video as part of the StigmaFree YLD project. He shared that same story through a video to help reduce the stigma of having a problem and seeking help.”

Scott Westheimer and Michelle SuskauerBoard of Governors member Scott Westheimer of Sarasota: “Scott served two terms as chair of the Board of Governors Communications Committee and on the Executive Committee. This award is given in grateful recognition of his diligent efforts and many contributions to communicate to Florida Bar members. We have so many programs and services to enhance our members’ personal and professional lives, and Scott made sure that we promoted those in every way possible. Scott made himself available any time of the day or night to review power points, speeches, scripts, president’s pages, statements, and more to make sure we were communicating as effectively as we could to our members. Scott is a superstar on the board, passionate and cares deeply for our profession and our members.”

Larry Tyree and Michelle SuskauerBoard of Governors member Larry Tyree: “Not only has Larry given so much of his time to our profession as a public member of our Board of Governors for the past four years, he also spent this year as chair of our Citizens Advisory Committee. Under Larry’s leadership, our important citizen volunteers focused this year on a new project I assigned to educate and involve more nonlawyer Floridians in the work of the legal and justice systems. With Larry’s experience as the leader of 11 community colleges, his perspective is always so critical in our discussions and deliberations. In addition, he has served our profession as a member of the 16th and Sixth circuit judicial nominating commissions and on the Citizens Advisory Committee before applying and being appointed by the Florida Supreme Court as one of two nonlawyer members of our board. He finishes his term at this meeting. Larry, the board and I will miss you.”

Zack Zuroweste and Michelle SuskauerZack Zuroweste of Clearwater: “This award is for Zack’s many contributions to The Florida Bar and the Young Lawyers Division, and especially for organizing and producing the LegalFuel Speaker Series to help our members improve their knowledge and skills. Zack is a president of the YLD, and he was so exceptional in his leadership role, I didn’t want to let him go. So, I voluntold him to take on this tremendous project. The LegalFuel Speaker Series was conceived as a rare opportunity for as many of our members as possible to hear from well-known and respected experts sharing their life experiences and unique expertise. The eight highly produced videos we released this year have already provided more than 8,600 free CLE hours and they are still available online. Zack, I know this wasn’t easy. You’ve done such a great service to our members with this program.”