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Tallahassee Bar Association celebrates 100th anniversary

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'If it ain’t true, don’t say it. If it ain’t right, don’t do it.'

TBA Centennial GalaTHE TALLAHASSEE BAR ASSOCIATION recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with a Centennial Gala. Sid Matthew noted the TBA got its start in 1919 at the Dutch Kitchen with 15 lawyers in attendance. He also said the best CLE on ethics ever presented was by long-time Tallahassee Bar member E.C. Deeno Kitchen who made just two points — “If it ain’t true, don’t say it. If it ain’t right, don’t do it.” Florida Bar President John Stewart was also on hand to congratulate the TBA on its milestone. “The centennial is a big deal; you have all done a fantastic job,” said Stewart, adding that voluntary bars are the backbone of the profession. The TBA also used the occasion to present Second Circuit Assistant Public Defender Lolia Yarizu Fernandez with its Thomas M. Ervin, Jr., Distinguished Young Lawyer Award, which was presented by last year’s winner, G.C. Murray, and Helen Ervin, who said mentoring young lawyers was one of her late husband’s passions. Fernandez thanked her “many mentors in the room,” and reminded attendees that their law degrees enable them to speak for those without a voice. “I hope everyone here understands the power that we have been given . . . what we can do for society,” Fernandez said. From the left are outgoing TBA President John Sawicki, Ervin, Fernandez, and Murray.

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