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The Florida Bar awards certification to 178 lawyers

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The Florida Bar awards certification to 178 lawyers

Almost 200 Florida lawyers in 2012 earned Florida Bar board certification, the Bar’s highest evaluation of attorneys’ competence and experience, in one of the 24 areas of law approved for certification by the Florida Supreme Court. Board certified attorneys are the only Florida lawyers allowed to identify themselves as “specialists” or “experts,” or to use the initials “B.C.S.” to indicate Board Certified Specialist. Board certification evaluates attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice.

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“The Florida Bar’s board certification program is one of the best in the country,” said Florida Bar President Gwynne Young of Carlton Fields in Tampa. “It assists the public in locating lawyers who have demonstrated their level of skill, excellence, and commitment to professionalism.”

Florida Bar President-elect Eugene Pettis, a board certified education lawyer who practices with Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm in Ft. Lauderdale, believes that board certification is becoming a standard of preference for an increasing number of clients.

“In an ever-crowded field of over 93,000 lawyers, the achievement of board certification is the only way of distinguishing yourself as an expert or a specialist,” said Pettis. “I highly encourage lawyers to demonstrate their competence and experience through seeking board certification in their professional areas.”

Board of Legal Specialization & Education Chair Timon V. Sullivan believes that board certification is a significant professional distinction that is invaluable to the public.

“Florida Bar board certification is a legal credential which signifies that a lawyer has been evaluated for experience, expertise, and professionalism,” said Sullivan, a board certified civil trial lawyer with Ogden & Sullivan P.A. in Tampa. “Informed legal consumers understand that board certification is as meaningful in hiring a lawyer as it is in selecting a doctor.”

The following lawyers, listed by specialty areas and cities, have attained board certification:

Admiralty and Maritime Law
Raul Julio Chacon, Jr., Miami

F. David Famulari, Miami

Adoption Law
Nicole Ward Moore, Orlando

Appellate Practice
Craig Dennis Feiser, Jacksonville

Shannon Patricia McKenna, Hollywood

Jamie Billotte Moses, Orlando

Michael Joseph Park, Clearwater

Rolando Antonio Soler, Hollywood

Business Litigation
Jarrett Evan Cooper, Ft. Lauderdale

Charles G. Geitner, Tampa

Hanklin Edwin Jackson, West Palm Beach

Kevin Francis Jursinski, Ft. Myers

Karen Judith Lane, Daytona Beach

Rachael Spring Loukonen, Naples

Kevin Markow, Ft. Lauderdale

Scott Alan McLaren, Tampa

Gary Michael Schaaf, Clearwater

Steven Edward Sellers, Tallahassee

John Joseph Shahady, Ft. Lauderdale

Leslie Dean Sheekley, Ft. Walton Beach

Natly Torres-Alvarado, Ft. Myers

City, County and
Local Government
Robert Milner Bradley, Jr., Orange Park

Natileene Wise Cassel, Key West

J. Giffin Chumley, Deland

Laura Jacobs Donaldson, Tampa

Jason Charles Ester, Clearwater

Jason Raphael Gabriel, Jacksonville

John F. Germany, Jr., Jacksonville

Christy Lyn Goddeau, West Palm Beach

Christine M. Limbert-Barrows, Key West

Frederick John Murphy Jr., Bartow

Chasity Hope O’Steen, Tallahassee

Dylan Todd Reingold, Jacksonville

Derek Patrick Rooney, Port Charlotte

Nicolle Marie Shalley, Gainesville

Glenn E. Thomas, Tallahassee

Suzanne Van Wyk, Tallahassee

John Michael Vericker, Tampa

James Eric White, Ft. Lauderdale

James George Whitehouse, St. Augustine

Civil Trial
William Turner Abel, West Palm Beach

Neil Phillip Anthony, West Palm Beach

Benjamin Lawrence Bedard, West Palm Beach

Cosmo Cromarty Bloom, Tampa

Thomas Edward Caldwell, Daytona Beach

William Andrew Dean, Aventura

Brian Robert Denney, West Palm Beach

Guy Scott DiMartino, Yalaha

David Corey Dismuke, Lakeland

Scott Jeffrey Frank, Tampa

Dennis Todd Fronrath, West Palm Beach

Tomas Lazaro Gacio, Tampa

Harry Thomas Hackney, Tavares

Deborah Ann Halvorsen, Jacksonville

Spencer Todd Kuvin, Delray Beach

Daniel Antonio Martinez, St. Petersburg

Jorge David Martinez-Esteve, Miami

Daniel Dwight Moody, Bartow

David Aaron Paul, Orlando

David Sampedro, Miami

Wayde Porter Seidensticker, Jr., Naples

Kristen Marie Van Der Linde, Jacksonville

Jeffrey Scott Weiss, Orlando

Christine Leona Welstead, Miami

William David Zoeller, West Palm Beach

Construction Law
Megan Ann Cantlebary, Maitland

Ryan F. Carpenter, Ft. Lauderdale

Jorge Luis Cruz, Coral Gables

David Joseph Darr, Maitland

Warren Donald Diener, Ft. Lauderdale

Bret Michael Feldman, Tampa

Kimberly Anne Gessner, Ft. Lauderdale

Leonard W. Klingen, Ft. Lauderdale

Christopher Ryan Maloney, Jacksonville

Amanda S. Parker, Jacksonville

Peter Benjamin Rowell, Miami

Michael Joseph Thomas, Miami

Jason Brandt Vrbensky, Orlando

Alexander J. Williams Jr. Ft. Lauderdale

J. Andrew Williams, Maitland

Diane J. Zelmer, Ft. Lauderdale

Criminal Appellate
Robert Ralph Berry, Viera

Criminal Trial
Philip Alan Bavington, Jacksonville

Scott G. Berry, West Palm Beach

Andrew Marshall Clark, Orlando

Travis T. Dunnington, West Palm Beach

Geogymon George, Tampa

Ilana Felice Marcus, West Palm Beach

Daniel Lucas Marshall, West Palm Beach

Nicholas Gianni Matassini, Tampa

Angela Meriah Park, Melbourne

Matthew D. Sandburg, Sarasota

Thomas Devlin Sommerville, Winter Park

Benjamin Ryan Stechschulte, Tampa

Education Law
Nathan Aldrich Adams IV, Tallahassee

Dennis John Alfonso, Dade City

Deborah C. Brown, Saint Leo

Isis Carbajal de Garcia, Miami

Youndy Christine Cook, Orlando

Laurie Ann Dart, Largo

Thomas Martin Gonzalez, Tampa

Melissa M. Gross-Arnold, Jacksonville

Gregory Alan Hearing, Tampa

Frank Charles Kruppenbacher, Orlando

Sheree Hiers Lancaster, Trenton

Melinda Louise McNichols, Miami

William John Mullowney, Orlando

Molly Lauren Rottinghaus, Ft. Pierce

Karen Jean Stone, Jacksonville

Heather Joan Wallace, Ft. Myers

Thomas L. Wittmer, Gainesville

Elder Law
Mary A. Byrski, Punta Gorda

Kristen Dabbs Drake, Fernandina Beach

Steven Ernest Hitchcock, Clearwater

James Edvin Johnson II, Bradenton

Amy Lynn McGarry, Cape Coral

Laurie Elizabeth Ohall, Brandon

Linda Joan Solash-Reed, Orlando

Amanda Duryea Wolf, Tampa

Health Law
Radha Vinod Bachman, Tampa

Charmaine Tsin Ming Chiu, Jacksonville

Adam Jarod Rogers, Miami

Kristina L. Schlieter, Norfolk, Va.

Susan K. Tuite, St. Petersburg

Immigration and Nationality
Gina Maria Polo, Miami

Jacob Lawrence Ratzan, Miami

Evan Justin Shane, Ft. Lauderdale

Intellectual Property Law
Benjamin M. Hanrahan, Miami

Jason Aaron LaCosse, Miami

Zachary David Messa, Clearwater

Matthew Scott Nelles, Ft. Lauderdale

Woodrow Heath Pollack, Tampa

Ryan Thomas Santurri, Orlando

Michael Eric Tschupp, Miami

Jaime Rich Vining, Coral Gables

International Law
Jennifer R. Diaz, Coral Gables

Robert James Downing, Houston, Texas

Penelope B. Perez-Kelly, Orlando

Labor and Employment Law
Kelly Victoria Parsons, Daytona Beach

Richard Michael Pierro, Jr., Tampa

James Warren Seegers, Orlando

Vicki Lynn Sproat, Ft. Myers

Kevin Eugene Vance, Miami

Matthew David Westerman, Bradenton

Marital and Family Law
Nancy Konter Brodzki, Coral Springs

Kendra Rumbough Davis, Tampa

Joshua Kyle Friedman, Boca Raton

Joseph David Hunt, Tampa

Ronald Harrison Kauffman, Miami

Robert Ray Kimmel, Pensacola

Shannon Leah Novey, Tallahassee

Karen Beth Weintraub, Ft. Lauderdale

Real Estate
Louis Paul Archambault, Miami

Georgia Helen Athan, Naples

Margaret Morgan Atkins, Doral

Robert Mason Blake, Melbourne

Kimberly Gail Bosshardt, Gainesville

Garvin Brooks Bowden, Tallahassee

Mary-Marjorie Earnest, Ft. Lauderdale

Troy Wallace Finnegan, Orlando

Andrew Marc Fisher, Orlando

Christa Lynn Folkers, Sarasota

Kenneth Robert Fountain, Navarre

Theresa Marie Kenney, Jacksonville

Richard Curtis Lawrence, Sarasota

Steven Elliot Wallace, Boynton Beach

Laura Minton Young, Viera

State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice
Regina Maria Keenan, Keystone Heights

Amy Wilmot Schrader, Tallahassee

Tax Law
John Robert Kancilia, Melbourne

Wills, Trusts and Estates
Rose-Anne Barnidge Frano, Sarasota

Anthony Peter Guettler, Vero Beach

George Daniel Karibjanian, Boca Raton

Rachel Albritton Lunsford, Tampa

Kristopher D. Robinson, Jacksonville

Workers’ Compensation
Daniel Oneil Gonzalez, Jr., Coral Gables

Michael Geoffrey Rabinowitz, Tampa

Russell Hurley Young, Sarasota

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