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Third and Fourth DCA websites set to adopt the Appellate Case Information System

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Florida courtsThe next phase is coming to dockets and documents for appellate courts in Florida. The Third and Fourth District Courts of Appeal websites are set to adopt the Appellate Case Information System.

Starting September 11, online dockets for the Third District Court of Appeal and the Fourth District Court of Appeal will be available on the Appellate Case Information System (ACIS).

For the public, the change is minimal. Dockets for cases are available at those two courts just as they have been with a slightly different look. All the public docket information remains available without registration, just as it has.

For attorneys, self-represented litigants, and lower-tribunal clerks the changes are more substantive.

It’s important for your work to know:

Dockets and documents for your cases at the Third and Fourth DCAs will appear exclusively on ACIS.

This is important to your work because ACIS replaces your current eDCA account for party case access.

Keep in mind, ACIS has already come to the Florida Supreme Court and the First District Court of Appeal when ACIS launched in those courts in March.

Great news, though. If you registered in March 2023 with the Supreme Court or the First DCA and associated your account with cases you are a party to, that will carry over to the Third and Fourth DCA. You are all set.

If you do need to register as a new user, instructional guides and videos will give you quick direction and detailed steps to follow. You can find that help on the ACIS site itself. Help is also available if you hit snags and will be there for you when ACIS goes live. Email addresses and phone numbers will be available for help at launch.

The new ACIS is a part of adopting a new case management system throughout Florida’s appellate courts. The remaining district courts of appeal will transition to ACIS in coming months.

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