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Two Board of Governors races set; 20 seats settled without a contested race

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BOG Seal News Featured ImageTwo contested Board of Governors races involving Five candidates will be on the Bar’s March Board of Governors election ballot.

Twenty seats, all but four held by incumbents, were settled without a contested race when the December 15 filing deadline expired.

The contested races include:

  • In the 11th Circuit, Seat 8, Richard Cole, Karl Klein, and Sabrina Vora-Puglisi, all of Miami, filed to run for a newly apportioned seat.
  • In the Out-of-State Circuit, Seat 3, incumbent Eric Meeks of Cincinnati, OH, is being challenged by G.C. Murray II, of Washington, DC.

Elected without opposition were:

  • David Grimes, Tallahassee, Secord Circuit, Seat 1.
  • W. Braxton Gillam IV, Jacksonville, Fourth Circuit, Seat 2.
  • Gordon Glover, Ocala, Fifth Circuit, Seat 1.
  • Sandra F. Diamond, St. Petersburg, Sixth Circuit, Seat 2.
  • Stephanie Marchman, Gainesville, Eighth Circuit, Seat 1.
  • Diego “Woody” Rodriguez, Orlando, Ninth Circuit, Seat 2.
  • Nikki Lewis Simon, Miami, 11th Circuit, Seat 2.
  • Jorge Luis Piedra, Miami, 11th Circuit, Seat 4.
  • Leslie Rothenberg, Miami, 11th Circuit, Seat 6.
  • Jesse R. Butler, Sarasota, 12th Circuit, Seat 1.
  • Amy S. Farrior, Tampa, 13th Circuit, Seat 2.
  • J. Carter Andersen, Tampa, 13th Circuit, Seat 3.
  • Manuel Farach, West Palm Beach, 15th Circuit, Seat 2.
  • Michael J. Gelfand, West Palm Beach, 15th Circuit, Seat 4.
  • Wayne LaRue Smith, Key West, 16th Circuit, Seat 1.
  • Brian H. Koch, Ft. Lauderdale, 17th Circuit, Seat 2.
  • Lorna Brown-Burton, Ft. Lauderdale, 17th Circuit, Seat 3.
  • Adam Rabinowitz, Ft. Lauderdale, 17th Circuit, Seat 5.
  • Gregory S. Weiss, Stuart, 19th Circuit, Seat 1.
  • E. Duffy Myrtetus, Richmond, VA, Out-of-State, Seat 1.

All but Grimes, Koch, Rodriguez, and Farach are incumbents.

For the contested races, election ballots will be emailed on or before March 1.

Five-hundred word platform statements from the candidates in contested races will be published in the February Bar News.

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