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Toledo crosses the border

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Jopse Toledo, second from the left, and undocumented immigrants TAMPA ATTORNEY JOSÉ TOLEDO, second from the left,
set out on his own to see the people crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. A church had referred an unaccompanied minor to him, and he took the case pro bono, describing his 10-year-old client as walking by himself from Honduras because he had been bullied by the gangs and if he didn’t join, they would kill him. “I am doing it on my own. I’m willing to help any of these children,” Toledo said. “I have five children. I would have a hard time telling any of them, ‘You have to go cross through these countries on your own.’ But they are so desperate, and this was the only way.. . . I’m of Cuban descent and it reminds of the Pedro Pan movement, which was spearheaded by the [Catholic] Church. I would welcome any help from any organization.” In his three days witnessing those crossing the border, Toledo met a group of Central American immigrants staying at The House of the Immigrant, in Mexico, run by the Catholic Church. “They were there to rest and eat and get some shelter. They were going to make their way north through McAllen, Texas,” Toledo said.

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