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YLD hosts Health and Wellness Olympics

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YLD hosts Health and Wellness Olympics
Adam White

Adam White

The Young Lawyers Division has a winning strategy to get “Type A” legal personalities to focus on their wellbeing — a competition.

As 400 registered participants in the Health and Wellness Olympics near the May 27 finish line, YLD President Adam White is ready to declare mission accomplished.

“This initiative was a great success,” he said. “And we hope to take what we learned this year and build upon the initiative to make it even better in the years to come.”

Marianne Curtis

Marianne Curtis

The goal is to promote health and wellness and advance a broader YLD mission to destigmatize mental health in the profession, one that Florida Bar President Dori Foster-Morales has long championed, said Miami attorney and YLD board member Marianne Curtis.

“It’s been a really encouraging and fulfilling experience to watch different lawyers across the state engage with each other, and get good friendly rivalries going,” she said. “We even had judges sign up as a judge team, and they’re doing awesome.”

Kayla Richmond

Kayla Richmond

Curtis and YLD board member Kayla Richmond, a Ft. Myers attorney, co-chair the committee responsible for the project .

“We’re proud of all those who participated and hope that it keeps gaining traction, and lawyers continue to put their health and wellness at the forefront of their lives,” Richmond said.

After the April 1 kickoff, the event quickly caught fire on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Curtis said.

Registration was open to all Florida Bar members in good standing, and after it closed April 15, the committee logged 400 registered participants, with 300 actively posting their progress through the “IncentFit” app available on the YLD Health and Wellness Olympics website. The website also explains the rules and scoring system.

In a video message, Richmond explains how easy it has been for many competitors to keep score.

“I have a Garmin watch, so I don’t have to actually report anything, it just uploads to the app from my watch,” she said.

Competitors registered as either individuals or as affiliates.

One of the challenges for the 10-member committee was to encourage health and wellness activities that any Bar member could accomplish. They range from the physical, such as basketball, hiking and biking, to the cerebral, such as meditation, counseling, and healthy eating.

“You could get points for attending a health and wellness CLE, too,” Curtis said. “And the fun part about it was, there was also a social media campaign to everything, where we had ‘#YLDMotionGranted.’”

Winners will be announced via social media May 28. Prizes include affiliate grants and Garmin watches, Curtis said.

But Curtis noted in her video message that in a health and wellness competition, everyone is a winner.

“This is going to be an opportunity for us to encourage and inspire each other to make sure that we know that we are not alone in putting our health and wellness as a priority,” she said. “But I can’t forget to mention that bragging rights are on the line.”

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