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YLD’s Affiliate Outreach Conference goes virtual

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AOC FlyerNecessity is requiring the Young Lawyers Division to make its February 5-6 Affiliate Outreach Conference virtual, but the YLD hopes it will also be an opportunity to boost attendance at one of its premier events.

“For obvious reasons, it’s going to be the first ever virtual Affiliate Outreach Conference,” said Brock Hankins, the YLD’s marketing chair for the event. “Normally you have to attend in person and make the outlay of money on hotels and travel. This will be the first AOC with no expense associated with it.

“We’re hoping it will have a broader reach to some of the new members who are just getting involved with their local affiliates so they can come and learn.”

One thing that won’t change is the YLD will be awarding up to $50,000 to local affiliate programs that benefit their members or help the public, and the AOC will be a forum where those programs can be presented and shared among the affiliates.

“Affiliates will be giving their grant presentations that anyone can watch and learn from,” Hankins said. “AOC is typically one of the biggest exchanges of ideas from around the state on how to best engage members and improve our all-around experience as members.”

Dozens of young lawyer affiliates from around the state are expected to be represented. The YLD AOC co-chairs are Leslie Arsenault Metz and Giselle Gutierrez.

The conference will use the Remo platform for the event,

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