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2000 Election Memory Project Released

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October 31, 2020

November 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the presidential election litigation that occurred in Florida in the fall of 2000. As part of its mission to preserve Florida Supreme Court history, the archives of the Florida Supreme Court Library in cooperation with the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society earlier this year invited people involved in Florida’s 2000 presidential election disputes to send in their own written memories for preservation.

It is called the 2000 Election Memory Project. The idea was to gather as much information as possible from this important period of Florida Supreme Court history for future researchers and historians. The submission – told in the authors’ own words about their own personal experiences – include not only the memories of judges and court staff, but also of journalists, attorneys, and others caught up in events that helped shape history in Florida, in the nation, and around the world.

These viewpoints obviously do not reflect the official views of the state courts, but are the subjective experience of individuals who watched history unfold here in Florida. More submissions continue to come into the Project. Anyone who witnessed the events 20 years ago can submit their own memories using an online submission form at: