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Vivian Cortes Hodz Honored By President Stewart

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June 30, 2020

President John Stewart has presented Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee Chair Vivian Cortes Hodz with one of his President’s Award of Merit. Addressing the 2020 Annual Convention via video-taped message, Stewart recognized the Tampa for her service as chair of both the Annual Convention and Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee.

“She exemplified able and steady leadership and a positive attitude not only in the many, many details that go into planning a Florida Bar Annual Convention, but also under the most challenging of circumstances,” Stewart said.

The pandemic forced Hodz to scrap nearly a year of planning and repurpose the convention for a “virtual experience,” Stewart said.

“Without hesitation Vivian rallied the committee and staff at The Florida Bar to assure that in the extraordinarily short time given, the first ever Florida Bar Virtual Annual Convention would be a rousing success.”

Hodz also made a difficult call to cancel the Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference and replace it with a series of events throughout the next year that will serve the needs of nearly 300 voluntary bar leaders throughout the state, Stewart said.

“Despite these adversities and myriad challenges presented, Vivian has continuously shown an unwavering dedication to the work of both committees for the benefit of The Florida Bar and its members,” Stewart said.

Hodz is a partner with Cortes Hodz Family Law & Mediation in Tampa. She has also been appointed as Chair of the Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee for a second term.