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Bar President’s Leadership Has Been Exemplary

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March 26, 2021

The pandemic has brought a time for us to grow, adapt and change. Probably no one knows that better than Florida Bar president Dori Foster-Morales.  Foster-Morales has demonstrated grace under pressure, leadership and professionalism at the highest level. As these times have tested us, we have all leaned on her to show us not only that we can do this, but come out stronger in the end.

Voluntary Bars have hosted hundreds of virtual events during Foster-Morales’ term. She has appeared at many as a speaker or a guest, sometimes as many as three or four a day. The pivot to virtual meetings and events has expanded those opportunities.

Shown here is Foster-Morales on her way from Miami to Orlando on March 25 for her FIRST in-person voluntary bar event.  Foster-Morales was the keynote speaker at the Orange County Bar Association Professionalism Awards Ceremony.  How fitting for a lawyer who best exemplifies strength of character, service, and competence and has helped us all rise to the challenge. Through her example we have all learned to lawyer and lead in a new way. Collectively with Dori Foster-Morales steering the ship, we have come together and achieved amazing things.