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Diversity Leadership Grants Awarded

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August 28, 2020

The Florida Bar Voluntary Bar Association Diversity Leadership Grant Awards administered by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee have been announced. For 2020-2021 notifications are provided to these organizations:

  • Pinellas Chapter of Florida Association of Women Lawyers
  • J. Reddick Bar Association
  • Dominican American Bar Association
  • Greater Orlando Asian American Bar Association
  • Virgil Hawkins Florida Chapter NBA
  • Florida Hispanic Bar Association
  • Hillsborough County Bar Association, George Edgecomb Association, Hillsborough Association of Women Lawyers
  • Martin County Women Lawyers Association, Inc.
  • Sarasota County Bar Association of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Fred G. Minnis, Sr. Bar Association
  • Haitian Lawyers Association
  • Tampa Hispanic Bar Association
  • 10th Judicial Circuit Polk Co. Trial Lawyers Assn. Highlands County Bar Association
  • ECJBA, 8FAWL, Josiah T. Walls Bar Association, University of Florida
  • Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association & D.W. Perkins Association
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee Manatee County
  • Lee County Association for Woman Lawyers and Lee County Young Lawyers Association
  • Martin County Bar Association

Leadership grant information is provided on this webpage.