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Finding Hidden Gems in “Failure”

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March 3, 2021
The Florida Association for Women Lawyers Thomas M. Cooley-Tampa Bay Chapter celebrated Women’s History Month on March 2 exploring “Why Failures Are Your Hidden Super Power”. Guest Speaker Melanie Griffin, Founder, Spread Your Sunshine,  challenged the group to “Not be afraid of failing, but to embrace it and have a game plan for it!”  Here are Griffin’s top reasons:
  1. Increased Growth & Learning;
  2. New Opportunities, Jobs, Relationships & Experiences;
  3. Prevents Boredom;
  4. Increased Productivity;
  5. Better Time Management;
  6. Improved Drive, Motivation & Work Ethic;
  7. Positive Mindset & Boosted Self-Confidence;
  8. Enhanced Joy & Happiness;
  9. Builds Resilience;
  10. More Interesting Branding; and
  11. Higher Goal Achievement & Success
Want to learn more? Check out the Failure tab on the Spread Your Sunshine Blog: